Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Image Bearers MinitriesOur Method:

At Image Bearers Counseling our intent is to come alongside our clients, inviting and facilitating their engagement with God as a person, discovering what he might be saying or doing in regard to their experiences, and inviting his relational support (strength) in order to align their lives with his wisdom and direction.

Our History:

We began Image Bearers Ministries in 2007 with a vision of living freely and joyfully and also inviting others into our fellowship of following JesusEach of our staff know what it is like to struggle when dealing with problems that seem overwhelming. Looking back, we see that we often viewed the Christian life and solving our problems as if the outcome depended completely on us. We came to discover that God did not see it that way. Instead, we learned that God wants to play an integral role in our lives with himself at the center as our ultimate resource and deepest desire. With this new understanding we began learning how to get out of the way, allowing God to lead us and learning how to cooperate with him as he led the way. We've discovered that drawing upon God's present availablity opens the pathway to freedom in our lives despite our problems and imperfections.


God has called and equipped us to come alongside others who are experiencing life challenges beyond their personal capacities with gentleness, understanding, and (by God’s grace) wisdom, trusting the result to be personal growth, the resolution of inner conflicts, and/or improvement in personal relationships.

Each of our counselors are trained pastorally and some also possess state licensure. (See staff profiles for each person’s qualifications.)

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